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the abbey road crossing, so i am used to seeing graffiti go up on the wall every year nearby city -- every year when you're my studio. a guy painted. -- paints it. i die somewhere else -- i tag somewhere else. i had a private school education, boarding school education, and i did not go to university, where it would have been expected for me to go because it was one of those kinds of schools, but i went straight to drama school, and our drama schools are more like what he would call a conservatory like to the yard, -- like julliard, they are rare here, but there are more there. i performed on broadway. i have done classical theater. i've played hamlet, and i really did that for seven or eight years, and then a band of brothers happened when i was 28, 29 years old. they did not know me from adam, and that transform things for me. i was mixing film roles with these roles, and it has been like this ever since. i have worked with extraordinary people like larry freeman twice and jennifer lopez and larry and steven spielberg. tavis: you went from morgan freeman to steven spielberg with lo as th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1